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We always adhere to customer-centric guiding ideology on network construction, to ensure that users have a local servcie outlets. We will carry forward the pioneering spirit of the times, trying to shorten the service radius, around the network goes down, forward the idea of service, we will continue to promote the service network to the depth direction, make the servcie more convenient.

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We ask all service points must provide 24 hours fast service support, and ensure services resources: personnel, spare parts, tools,etc.
Once receipt of customer service needs, arrival at service locations within 24 hours; and service point must also ensure 24 hours service phone unlocked, after receiving the information service needs, inform the person in charge quickly, determine the service plan immediately, arrive at the destination at the first time, solve customers problems within 24 hours, to allow customers to really feel “we are here”.

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We are committed to working through the service, feedback to relevant departments, promote the improvement of product quality continuously, making customers more satisfied with our products.

Eco Double Pump Drive Type Cnc Servo Press Brake Bending Machine

WC67K Hydraulic Simple CNC Press Brake


WE67K Electro-Hydraulic Synchronous CNC Bending Machine


QC12K CNC Hydraulic Swing Beam Shearing Machine


QC11K CNC Hydraulic Guillotine Shear


Sheet Metal CNC Hybrid Press Brake Front Sheet CNC Followers

Equipped with a simple numerical control system;
The utilty model has the functions of digital display of the rear stopper and the upper slide block, the soft limit of the XIY shaft, and the positioning clearance function of one way positioning;
The rear stopper and the upper slide block are respectively provided with an encoder, which is matched with the numerical control display system to display the position value of the rear stopper and the upper slide block, thereby further improving the working precision of the machine.





Y1+Y2+X (standard)

Y1+Y2+X+R (optional)

Y1+Y2+X+R+Z1+ Z2 (optional)



■ 8 “color LCD display, touch screen, icon recognition function;
■ The “EasyBend” page is processed with easy single bending.
■ The fully efficient bending programming can meet the needs of mass production and processing.
■ Automatically calculate bending angle, main pressure and deflection compensation;
■ Automatic calculation of bending data;
■ Automatic calculation of pressure and deflection compensation; automatic calculation of upper die depth;
■ Angle, Back Gauge correction;


■ 12 color LCD display touch screen, icon recognition function;
■ The “EasyBend” page is processed with easy single bending.
■ The fully efficient bending programming can meet the needs of mass production and processing.
■ Automatically calculate bending angle, main pressure and deilection compensation;
■ Automatic calculation of bending data;
■ Automatic calculation of pressure and deflection compensation; automatic calculation of upper die depth;
■ Angle, rear gear correction, 2D graphics programming:
■ Automatically simulate the bending sequence and provide the best bending scheme (option).


■ Rapid programming page type parameters
■ Navigation shortcuts
■ 7widescreen color TFT
■ A maximum of 4 axis control (Y1.Y2 and two additional axis)
■ Deflection – table compensation control
■ Mold / material / Product Library
■ USB peripheral interface
■ Advanced Y axis control algorithm, which can control loop, but also can control the open loop valve
■ Panel mounting structure, optional suspension box.


■ 2D touch graphical programming
■ 15 high-resolution TFT true color display
■ Bending process calculation
■ Deflection compensation control
■ Servo and drive control modes
■ Advanced Y-axis control algorithm, you can control the closed-loop valve can also control the open-loop valve
■ USB interface


■ 2D Touch graphical programming.
■ 3D Product graphical simulation display
■ 17″ High-resolution TFT Color Display
■ Full Windows application package
■ Compatible DELEM modular structure
■ USB, Peripheral Interface
■ User program applications under multi-tasking environment
■ Angle detecting sensor interface


■ 15”touch screen.
■ Top-level performances for machines up to six axes.
■ Wide screen for a full graphic interface.
■ Automatic bending sequence.
■ Dynamic crowning is available.
■ Direct connection of Mitutoyo protractor and Anglecheck device to allow process angle measurement.


● Hydraulic Valve: HAWE-Hoerbiger/Rexroth
● Oil Cylinder: Made in China
● Main Motor: Siemens Normal Motor; Estun/Inovance/Delta Servo Motor
● Grating Ruler: Fagor/GIVI
● Crowning: Motorized Crowning
● Pedal Switch: Roller Type
● Electrics: Schneider
● Clamps: Quick Clamp
● Ball Screw Rod: PMI
● Linear Guide: Zeen/Schneeberger
● Front Support: Steel Type/Support Equiped with Dual Linear Guide/Roller Support
● Backgauge Motor: Estun/Delta
● Rear Finger: Big Finger
● Finger Amount: 2/3/4/6
● Backgauge Axis: 3+1
● Front Protection: Left&Right Guard
● Rear Protection: Simple Rear Guard
● Controller: Delem DA53T


● Main Motor: WNM
● Grating Ruler: Heidenhain
● Clamps: Advanced Quick Clamp/Hydraulic Clamp
● Ball Screw Rod: HIWIN
● Linear Guide: HIWIN
● Backgauge Motor: Yaskawa
● Finger Amount: Customized
● Backgauge Axis: 4+1/6+1/8+1
● Temperature Control Device: Heating Device / Air Cooling Device / Air Conditioner Oil Cooler
● Front Protection: Custom Sheet Metal Guard/Light Curtain Protection/Laser Protection
● Rear Protection: Custom Sheet Metal Guard/Light Curtain Protection
● Controller: Customized


Mechanical Structure

The main mechanical structure of the press brake consists of the frame, column, ram, worktable, the main cylinder and backgauge. The main components are through finite element analysis and optimized design by 3D software to fully guarantee the structural strength and rigidity of each component.


  • The foundation of every Primapress press brake is a solid, mono-block frame which made from high yield steel. Which means Primapress press brakes will perform accurately and reliably year after year.
  • Every press brake frame is tempered.
  • We’ re so confident in Primapress frames so that we offer a 15-year warranty with Primapress standard machines.


Primapress WAD series press brake can be equipped with Delem DA52s, DA53T, DA58T, DA66T controller and Esa S530, S630 controller. The selection of the controller should be based on practical use and budget.

Punch & Die

The standard top punch and dual-V bottom die are specially designed for bending sheet metals. More press brake toolings can be selected as per your practical use. Material and HRC47 degree values ​​are marked on it.
Primapress has full catalogue for the press brake punch and die

Hydraulic System

Primapress press brake machine uses Hoerbiger integrated hydraulic control system that make it more reliable and easy for maintenance.

Electrical System

Primapress press brake adopt Schneider electrical components. The high quality electric parts can make the machine performing well even the electricity is not stable and customers can easily get the replacement anywhere in the world.


We using the Taiwan PMI ball screw and linear guide to ensure the moving of X-axis with higher accuracy than using rod. And the backgauge adopt timing belt & wheel mechanism which controlled by servo motor instead of step motor. The height of the backgauge finger can be adjusted manually. Totally there’re THREE pcs of backgauge fingers for positioning.

Fast Clamp

  • The standard equipped fast clamp will help you replace the top punch in very short time.
  • Convenient and time-saving.
  • Fast intermediate loading and unloading function to improve work efficiency.


Backgauge Fingers

Our series CNC press brake will equip with 3 pieces of backgauge fingers with four adjustable range for positioning, with the accuracy of ±0.01mm.

Servo Drive

4+1 axis backgauge

Mechanical Crowning

The motorized crowning system will adjust the parallelism and straightness automatically.


Laser Protection

Does not affect the efficiency of the press brake, can completely solve the safety problem.

Standard Front Support Arm

Our standard front support arm is 180° adjustable.

Sheet Followers

The automatic sheet followers can be equipped on our CNC press brake for getting higher efficiency and labor saving.

Front Light Curtain

The front light curtain will be very helpful for protecting the fingers of the operators .

160X3200mm Delem DA66T Electro hydraulic Synchronous CNC Press Brake

China DA58T sheet metal hydraulic cnc servo press brake bending machine 4+1 axis


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