Amada press brake , amada type cnc bending machine 


Amada press brake , amada type cnc bending machine

Main Features:

1 Hydraulic system adopts simplified hydraulic system circuit to avoid oil leak and make it easier for maintenance.

2 Hydraulic cylinder is designed in the center axle of the machine. Thus, the tilt rates of the upper working table and the lower working table are minimum when pressurized. So the working accuracy is high.

3 Roller guide moving parts are designed in the center axle of the lower working table. It owns robust sliding surface and moves up-and-down along the two side faces of the hydraulic cylinder, which ensures parallelism between the upper working table and the lower working table.

4 The lower part of the machine is the main machine part designed to improve working efficiency. The stroke of the lower working table can be set easily to the minimum value. Moreover, the bending angle can be set easily and freely by the wheel.   5 Pedal switch is able to control the lower working table speed at will or make it stop, which is easy to achieve bending in line.   6 Mould installation and center correction are achieved by the intermediate plate of  the upper working table and the lower die base.

7 The professional numerical control system NC9 or NC10 has touch screen, electrical hand wheel and programming function which is simple and quick.

Technical Parameters:

Technical specification RG-3512 Unit
Nominal pressure 350 KN
Length of table 1200 mm
Distance between uprights 1000 mm
Throat depth 200-250 mm
Stroke of working table 100-103 mm
Max open height 370-375 mm
Max die setting height 250-255 mm
Speed of lower working table Approaching 37-47 mm/s
Bending 7.5-10 mm/s
Returning 47-55 mm/s
Number of hydro-cylinder 1 piece
Main motor 3 KW
Machine precision Slide repeating ≤±0.01 mm
Slide positioning ≤±0.02 mm
Back gauge repeat positioning ≤±0.02 mm
Working precision Work straightness 0.15/m mm
Bending angle error <±15
Net weight 1700 kg
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 1320*1300*1900 mm
Hydraulic tank capacity 33 L

Main configuration:

No. Main configuration Manufacturer
1 oil pump Germany Voith Turbo or Japan NACHI
2 sealingelement Japan NOK
3 oiltube China Taiwan
4 valve China mainland
5 back gauge China mainland
6 numerical control system NC9 Touch screen professional CNC system
7 servomotor Mitsubishi, Panasonic


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